1000 People – 1000 Words Giving To the World

Hello, I’m grateful for your interest in this project! 

In this composition of Soundscapes, I wish for thousand people to join me by saying one word each. I will make a compilation of these words, and make a soundscape, made from favourite colour and “lucky number”. More on the project below. If you have any questions, just sign in and hit reply to the email you get. Every email will of course be answered.

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Check out the video where I tell you more about the project: CLICK HERE


The title may be changed in the process, but the idea will not be changed. This piece will consist of 3 or 4 parts of soundscapes. The soundscapes will differ a bit from each other, but the way they are processed will make them one piece.


From the first 1000 people: Send me one (positive) word you want to be heard, in your language and what it means in English, I want you to record this word in your language and attach it in the email you get when you join the project. Everybody is invited. Make sure that your word is in no way offensive. If you’re in doubt, find another word you are certain is not offensive. We don’t want to offend other people, we want this to be an inspiration for all the people in the world.

When I get more than thousand words (meaning words from more than thousand people), I will save them to the next project. Not identical, of course, but similar.


Pitch: based on the favorite color (rainbow and shades)

Value: based on the favorite number

Rythms: based on the rhythm in the words – put together

The soundscapes will be based on these parameter.

Insert your name and your e-mailadress, so you can receive the email where you deliver you contribution.


All the information for the project will be held confidential. None of the information you give will be shared with anyone.  You will also be informed about the progress in the project, somewhere between once every week to once every month.

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